Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!

Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!
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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Return of the Triffids

Did I tell you that I've been busy? Been digging up a new vegetable/flower bed in the back garden, bordering and just under the upstairs bedroom balcony/deck. Removed the top grassy layer and piled them in the wheel barrow to go into the would be compost heap that I'll be working on next. 

Dug about a foot deep and was pleasantly surprised at how rich the soil is under the grass. Accidentally chopped up a few worms (sorry, my annelid friends), too, in the process. 

The weather's been pretty wet and spring-like. Wet, cool, overcast. Started a few seeds already in the greenhouse, too, with a small block heater in the bottom-most shelf. While the block heater makes sure the the in-greenhouse temperature is about a balmy 20 deg C during the day, it just barely keeps the 'house about 5 deg at night when it drops down to below freezing. Good 'nuff.
13 feet by 1 foot (or 4 meters by 0.3 meters). Nearly lost a toe in the digging, too! Lucky for presence of footwear,
a big bruised big toe is better than a chopped off big toe any day.

Some Gai Choy, beets, and Chards in the long container at the back. My egg-carton germinator in the foreground.
Various lavandula types in the polystyrene cup, and indoor over-wintered catnip on the left.

50 seedling coconut fibre pots filled with goodies to come!

A randomly buried (by squirrel pop in the hanging basket) sunflower seed making an early wake up
Carrot greenery poking through... didn't start this from seed though, had a carrot top from dinner prep that I figured
would be worth trying to grow ...

I would guess from the colour of the seedlings, they are the beets.

Gai Choy seedling

Last years Red Amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus) seeds germinated just fine, and surprisingly, when it's not even 10 deg C most days.
Whole bunch of Tropaeolum majus seeds being tucked into old cardboard  TP rolls germinator ...

The Aquilegia rhizomes already sent out new foliage in from the mulched down beds ...

Supposed to Aquilegia seedlings, but is it just me or does it look very Brassica-ish? I'm getting a bit worried now!
Identity crisis plants!

More Brassica-ish Aquilegia seedlings. Oh well, lots of cabbages for us then! Must be seed packet labelling error. 
Random dried pea that I picked up from the pet food supply shop germinated fine indoors, but is a bit ratty looking now when being left outside (after hardening off). It shares the pot with another chestnut seedling.

Good to see the lily bulbs I buried under the spruce tree (inside the pot) made it through winter OK!

Mesclun salad seed mix ...out of 10 seeds scattered onto the pot's surface a month ago only two seedlings tolerated the temperature swings outside. The tall leafy one near the right corner is actually a random kidney bean that I pushed into the soil just for giggles. Never thought it would sprout out just nice in the cold weather!
After overwintering indoors for 5 months, the miniature rose (Rosa chinensis) is soooo glad to come out into real sunlight!
Starts sending out profusion of new well formed leaves within days of being out.

Yeaaa Nepeta cataria (catnip) looks a bit ratty and leggy but they'll bounce
back after I pinch the sickly looking indoor leaves off.

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