Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!

Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!
Deep in the Lair of the Perpetually Curious Fox

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Strolling around Yellowknife

Some days I don't have many words to say, and just let the photos do the talking.
Evening sun over Frame Lake, just outside the City Hall.

I'm not the only one out for strolls. Other foxies do that, too!

No, he did not go Ring-ding-ding-adinga-ding, either.

I might just take up Lichenology just for fun. The sheer amount and diversity of lichens here is amazing.

A Foxnukshuk
A species of Saxifrage. The name came from the Latin words: Saxum (Stone) franga (breaker). They are prevalent in holarctic region and does what their name describe: Break Rocks .... albeit very very slowly

More Lichen. Historically, the area of Yellowknife is within the path of roaming caribou herds who subsist on lichen (and other shrubberies), but with the hunting pressure in the region, the herds now steer clear of Yellowknife and roads... and lichens go absolutely nuts everywhere. No one else eats them, as far as I can tell.

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