Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!

Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!
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Monday, 1 August 2011

It's been rainy ... and then very sunny. The triffids are really thriving!

I'm starting to notice a change in weather - I think in a couple of months, growing season will come to a close! Then, it'll be time to obsess about mushrooms, and hunting, and fishing.

The stars of the show still haven't flowered yet - I guess next year I'll have to start them sooner. Bill and Ted the Romanesco Broccolis looks pretty delicious as they are anyway, so at least they'll make their ways to my dinner plate.

Bill looking sleek and glossy in the rain

Ted's sprawling out of his container!
 The ones that are planted in the ground are not as fast growing, due to not getting direct sunlight. But considering how *poor* the soil they are planted in, they are doing pretty well! Again, maybe transplant them once they have at least 4 true solar panels (leaves) might be a better approach for next year -- or even a dedicated vegetable patch that gets at least 7 hours direct light.
In a shaded flower bed - gets about 2 hours direct light a day.

On the lawn ground, under the spruce tree. Gets maybe 3 hours
direct light a day. Doing better than above.
Strawberry plant is getting very established. I think this guy will need to be planted on a roof planter if I'm to see any fruits.

Catnip plant is starting to jump up. Had them repotted after this photo was taken.
Surprisingly potent. Goosey Lucy swoons on this stuff. Vaska just noms them.

The lavenders are doing well in the wet weather, which is surprising as they are hot and dry climate plants.

Still no sign of flowers. I wonder if it needs some feeding?

English "Vera" lavender grows soooo slowly ... compared to the Dwarf "Munstead"

Dwarf English "Munstead" lavender bushing out nicely. I suspect I might see them flower soon!
Seeing how the Munsteads are bushing out, I repotted them together into a bigger terracotta container.
Munstead looks glossier and greener than Vera.
Peter the Sunflower was also repotted. He's looking really healthy and strong - I felt that he might burst out of the pot if I don't repot him soon! Looks very Jack-in-the-Box like.

Larry, Curly and Moe.

Potatoes will need a bigger container next year! I think the cut up rain-barrel will do nicely. I tried to repot, but changed my mind as I don't want to disturb any growing 'taters in the soil. I did poke my finger into the soil a bit and noticed a few tiny lumps. I wonder if 2 more months will be enough time to "fatten" them up?

The leaves look nice and glossy. When will it flower?
My alien abduction plants (dug out from the wild, that is! Can you imagine what they must be thinking? "Aaaaargh! Heeeelp! I've been abducted by aliens!!") are doing well, mostly. The Wood Lily should be ok to winter over in the garage, and the Indian Paintbrush have perked up. The White Camas looks a bit sad though. I hope it started to root and have a little rhizome forming. Couldn't dig deep enough.
Indian Paintbrushes. The seeds will be used for a prank project ...

Nice wood lily! I managed to prove Paul wrong by getting them to survive the abduction.
Finally managed to identify the mystery plant. It is Siberian Wallflower (Cheiranthus allioni) - hoping to be able to save some seeds for next year. So far I haven't seen any signs of seed pods... hmmm ....
Such a mis-named plant! The petals seems to glow neon-like in the sun.

Some in the rosebush plot


Even the ones in a shady flower bed flowered!

Amaranth are going strong, too. There's been a few aphids, but not too serious. There's some signs of the tassel flowers in the apex! 

Little tassel formation. How big will it grow?
The poppies are bloomin' their heads off! Definitely will have more next year.

I call this the Stawberries 'n' cream flying saucer.

Multi-petaled flying saucer.

Need a better background for this trio! 

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