Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!

Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Frohes neues Jahr!

Better late than never !

I hope things will go better this year than it has in the last few.

Among other *skills unlocked* in the previous year -

1) learning to walk again, sans crutches. Still need a lot of work, and surgery. Still cannot run/jump/long distance hike.
2) Caught my first non-pike fish (trout). Caught my first tropical salt water fish.

3) Managed to just squeeze through 53 books. One book a week is not a lot if you don't watch TV.

4) Got over my programming phobia! Hurray for Python. Built a Raspberry Pi. Haven't programmed for years. About time I started again.

5) Restarted electronics and going in depth, hence no (4) . Thinking of even doing a degree in it, as it seemed that my physics degree did not attract that many prospective employers in Canada. 

Resolution for this year? Build up on last year's. Very simple. I have to cut down a lot on physical activities due to recent illness/injuries, looks like it's back to being a geek in a lab.

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