Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!

Caffeine: the most potent artificial intelligence drink!
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Saturday, 6 February 2016

January was here, and January left

As you can see, no photos. I find winter almost unbearably painful now since last year's accident, so I don't really get out much at all now. It got to the point where everytime it snows I feel like my ankle and foot is being crushed by a gigantic vice. Yeah, OUCH indeed.

And what have I done in the past month?

Actually quite a lot, in between doctor's appointments, physio, sleeping off the pain. It turns out that I will be needing urgent reconstruction surgery after all for my ankle followed by several weeks if not months of physio.

So in the expectation of being laid up for weeks (months?) while recovering I have signed up for several courses, and taken up to learning some more languages (both human and machine). Happily I managed to script quite decently in C++ and Python now. So yay. Adding R programming to the list now.

Coursera does very nice online courses on (almost) everything you can think of. There is something nice about being able to attend virtual lectures while being gimpy-legged. And when your mind is foggy from the painkillers, you can always replay the difficult bits in the lecture. Not something you can do with real live lecturers in a lecture hall.

For the moment I am sticking to Electronics, interfacing Arduinos and Pis, programming and Data Science. It's always good to polish up on the old skillls before you lose them completely.

For human languages, I highly recommend Duolingo App. It is free, and very intuitive to use. I find it's a good app to have when you have need to practice foreign languages, but lacking a human partner. It's nice to be able to read a German or Dutch article and actually understand (most) of it! My word recognition is not automatic yet, but (at least for me) German, Dutch and English are pretty closely related that picking up the vocabulary and syntax is quite easy. Just for the sheer fun of things I am also slowly going through other languages (err...10?) ... but the main 4 are Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Technically, a screenshot is not a photo!
Oh yeah. And finished reading 5 books. I have to admit, it's mostly fiction, as pain makes it hard to focus terribly well. Going through some electronics, Python and C++ texts, too, but the progress is much slower. I do have a Github account that I will link to here when I haev finished putting all my codes in there.

No hiking for the next forseeable future until things are fixed. In the mean time, I will be busily filling my head. Before I die of boredom. When you cannot go anywhere physically, go everywhere mentally (before you go completely MENTAL!)

Oh the wonderful Thinks that you can Think!

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